Our contract with RG4RW states that WLK will have certificates and belt within two weeks of passing their test. WLK with either hold “in-house” promotions or have a promotion ceremony. Notices will be posted on the website.

There student will be allowed one retest within one year of the original testing day for no fee if the student continues class.

WLK currently holds 4 testing times throughout the year: January, April, July, and October. Reservations are required as there are a limited number of slots available. RG4RW administrates the testing with notices and signup beginning on the first day of the testing month. Testing prices vary depending on level of belt being tested for. The fee includes: the belt, and certificate. There is a $15 no show fee that will be added to your monthly bill if you do not show up for your test. Student accounts are required to be in good standing.

Full uniform dress is required for testing and promotions. This includes:

  • Black Karate or Kung Fu jacket (must have sash)
  • Black Karate or Kung Fu pants
  • Black, White, or team t-shirt under uniform top
  • Current belt

This is our summer uniform. WLK generally allows students to wear black to the knee shorts and a team shirt t-shirt from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The dates are up to Sigung and vary. Students not in the correct uniform will get one warning and then will be required to sit out. Of course, the full uniform is always acceptable and required for testing.

Occasionally we have some used uniforms that we can share, but availability isn’t granted. The local thrift stores  have been known to carry used uniforms for under $10. As always, feel free to talk to Sigung or Simo for options.

WLK requires students to have a uniform within 1 month of starting regular practice. The uniform, if bought through RG4RW is $35 and comes with a White Belt. The student must wear a WHITE, BLACK, or TEAM shirts underneath the jacket (GI). The team shirt is also available through RG4RW. No t-shirts with writing or pictures are allowed. Students not in correct uniform will get one warning and then will be required to sit out.

The class fee is per month. Alternatively, you can pay $15 dollars per class. This fee is NOT billed on a monthly statement and must be paid before entering class.

We currently bill 1 month in advance, i.e. in August you will receive a bill for September. You may receive a bill shortly after paying for your first month when you sign up.


Yes, there is a $100 registration fee payable when you sign the contract. This fee includes a uniform and the Student Handbook.


Yes, WLK is currently requiring a 6-month minimum contract for all of its students. We have several different payment plans available. This contract cannot be cancelled without a medical reason and is subject to a $25 fee.