10 11, 2016


Congrats to those who competed at the Paz Tournament this past Saturday. You guys did awesome.
Mike Doran, !st in forms, 2nd in Weapons forms
Tiernan Doran, 2nd in forms, 3rd in weapons. Hope I got that right.
Olivia Moreno 2nd in sparring. Won 5 of her 6 fights.
Liberty McGuire. Great show in sparring. You all did great.

31 10, 2016

No Classes tonight

To everyone at White Lion Kajukenbo.
Classes will be sparce tonight due to the activities at hand this evening. So we will say No Classes tonight because of all Trick or Treaters.

Test scores will be ready tomorrow for all those who tested.
Be safe and have fun tonight. We will be praying for and over you all.
Love you all. The Peels

29 10, 2016

Try Lessons for 2 Weeks Free

Come and learn what self-defense for you your family is all about. Understand the foundations to learn to deal with life’s challenges as they come up. Know how to take care of your family and an adverse situation.

You and your families can come try lessons for 2 weeks for free to see if this is something that would work for you.

Come see us at 10682 West Overland Road or give us a call at 208- 284-4493 to get your private lesson and two weeks free.

Learn to have the Heart of Courage and strength of the Lion at White Lion Kajukenbo.
Thank you Sigung Peel.

18 10, 2016


We had several of our folks go to the Friendship Tournament in Nampa this past Saturday.

 We had 3 competitors and 3 1st Place Winners.
 A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to the following Students of White Lion.
1st Place Winner Weapons division – James Scott
1st Place Sparring Winner – Aslyn Aleyiv
1st Place Sparring Winner Connor Ware.
 A big THANK YOU to Sifu Snyder for being their to support and help Judge the event.
 Love you all.
 A Warrior  for Our Lord. Sigung Peel
23 09, 2016

Two weeks free for anyone who is willing to learn

Now is the time to get involved.
White Lion Kajukenbo is offering two weeks free lessons to those who would love to learn a real street defense art. We start students as young as 5 years of age and up.
We train for real defense and competition as well.
We work with weaponry and enforcement techniques.
We also offer Spartan / MMA Training 3 nights a week.
Our rates are reasonable.
Kajukenbo is Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Kenpo and Kung full mix.
Come visit us at 10682 W. Overland Rd. in Boise or give us a call at (208) 284-4493.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Sigung Joe Peel

1 09, 2016


We will be taking this coming weekend off due to the Labor Day holiday. No classes Saturday, Sunday or Monday as we observe Labor Day weekend. Please make note of this and enjoy your 3 Day weekend given to us. Thank you Sigung Peel

11 07, 2016


REMINDER that testing is this Saturday. If you are late to testing your spot will be forfeited and you will not be allowed to test. You MUST be in full uniform and have completed all of the requirements. If you have any questions feel free to ask Sigung or Simo.

Due to testing there will be no regular classes.

11 07, 2016

Break-a-thon Update

We missed our GOAL for the break a thon collections by 34 %. We did surpass our goal for boards broken and that was awesome. BUT the real intention of the break a thon is the reason why do this FUND RAISER. To generate funding and still break boards. We can and will still take donations or pledges for event, though we know that it has already passed. It just will not count for the totals for awards and prizes. So if you have any still out there, please bring them to Simo or Sigung as soon as possible.

7 05, 2016

Our Voice [Interview]

Our Voice show host, Rebecca Evans, sits down with Joe Peel, owner of White Lion Kajukenbo and talks about self-defense, fighting as a sport and keeping your guard up.

This segment also includes an inside interview with Bill “Superfoot” Wallace who was Elvis Presley and John Belushi’s trainer. What an inspiration!